Blogging Breakthroughs with Faith Mariah

If You’re Struggling With Your Mindset, Listen To This: A Kickass Pep-Talk For Bloggers 🎧 ⚡️⚡️⚡️

March 18, 2021

In this episode, I talk about: 

  • what to do when your brain calls BS on your affirmations. 
  • how to sit in discomfort when doing scary things in your business. 
  • not feeling threatened by other people teaching the same thing. 
  • dealing with troll thought like, "Someone else has already made something like this. Why would people want to buy my thing?"
  • being willing to do whatever it takes. Be in the mindset of "I'm going to figure it out". 
  • failure is not an option. 
  • it's safe for you to back yourself. It's safe for you to go big. 

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